Entrepreneur Highlight – Digital Marketing and e-Commerce? Ask Our Star Alumnus Samuel Lam

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The Key to Success? Perseverance!

Digital marketing and e-commerce are playing a significantly important role in the business world, especially in the China market nowadays. We are glad to have the guru of the field – Mr. Samuel Lam, Founder & CEO of X Social Group Holdings Limited (“the Company”), also our Industry fellow of BEST Community and HKBU alumnus, to share his start-up journey with us.

Beginning of the journey

During an earlier interview Samuel did for Hong Kong Economic Times, he mentioned about his inspiration to start the business by a senior mentor. X Social Group Limited was set up in 2013, with an aim to provide a platform for international brands to enter the Mainland market through cross-border e-Commerce and digital advertising. The first two years upon the establishment has been ground-breaking, reaching almost 200 million of annual revenue, having secured a magnitude of contracts from various international brands and having won a wide range of global awards. The Company was also named the first ever media agency in Hong Kong and recognised as Google's Certified Technology Partner. It was off to a good start.

Challenges vs Opportunities

However, good times don't last long sometimes. The Company faced its bottleneck period starting from the third year. Instead of giving up, the team worked harder in analysing and understanding the market and their positioning. Two major stumbling blocks have been observed hampering the business growth by Samuel: First, the Hong Kong market is small in scale. If they have to prosper, they must extend their reach to the APAC market for a potential opportunity to win a two-digit annual growth. Second, only technology and data are not enough to put them onto the champion's podium. They must exercise segmentation of industry area for development for maintaining the position as an industry pioneer.


With every challenge you face, there is an opportunity hidden that will lead you towards the path of success.

Having conducted detailed data analysis and considering their own experience and capacity in the industry, together with an in-depth research into the luxury beauty industry for 6 months, the Company then set up new directions: reaching out to the Asia-Pacific market which is full of potential and prospects; and developing industry segments which maintains the Company's position as the market lead. By 2020, the Company will officially launch a brand new e-commerce platform which redefines retail model of luxury beauty and implies that a change is on its way!

To inspire and to be grateful

Having been an entrepreneur for 8 years, Samuel shared with us that “Entrepreneurship is like a gold-digging journey, you would never know where the pot of gold is. Some people will just give up halfway with frustration but people who persevere through difficulties and stay focused will get the treasure eventually.” Perseverance is Samuel's lifelong motto!


Samuel's effort has paid off. He was recognised by Campaign Asia Pacific Magazine as one of the 40 hottest strategic business players in APAC region under the age of 40 in 2014 and won HKBU Young Entrepreneurship Awards in 2016.

Samuel is thankful for the support and guidance provided by HKBU. With a heart filled with gratitude, he actively involves in the mentorship scheme of the School of Business. He also took part in HKBU Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and Hong Kong Techathon as judge to share his experience with all aspiring youths. Do share your idea and thoughts with Samuel when you see him around on campus!