Entrepreneur Highlight - Viola Lam, More Than Just A Womenpreneur

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Dare to pursue your dream, do not let your fear and worries become a burden for you to fly higher!

We are glad to interview one of the successful womenpreneurs in Hong Kong, who is also our BEST Community industry fellow, Viola Lam to share with us her way of Womenpreneurship. Viola is not only an HKBU alumna, but also the CEO and Founder of Find Solution Ai Limited (FSAI). Viola won the Entrepreneur Year 2015/16 of the Youth Business International, the world's most honorific award for young successful entrepreneurs who make positive contributions to both society and people in over 68 countries.

What was your WHY?

Viola's initial goal of developing the AI-Driven Motivation Learning Model – 4LittleTrees was because of her calling. Her son had been suffering from Autism and there was not any application that could help on such issues. With her 12-year enriched teaching experience, Viola understood the importance of pedagogical approaches to the next generation. Being determined to improve students study progress with technology, Viola started FSAI with an aim to make use of her knowledge and technology of an innovative self-motivated learning model. The 4LittleTrees application is now able to analyse the emotions and cognitive level of students during studies so as to provide immediate assistance to enhance the learning condition and performance of learners.

Womenpreneurship journey is never easy

It is not easy to run a startup, it is even more challenging as a womenpreneur. Viola observed two common obstacles of womenpreneurship: maintaining a balance between life and work demands and women being naturally more emotional than men. Reviewing her own experience, she suggested that “First, a well-planned schedule that helps you in dividing your time equally on both work and life. Next, having a trustful and professional team assists in problem-solving, decision making, innovating and predicting that help on building crowd wisdom.”

Make your Womenpreneurship journey happen

Viola encouraged females who are interested in pursuing entrepreneurship with some tips -

  1. Review your financial status. Starting up a business requires a huge amount of capital for daily operations, executions, promotions and many more to consider.
  2. Prepare for failures. The basic rule of being successful is that the possibility of massive failure to succeed. Especially when women encounter the moments of self-doubt.
  3. Have your family supporting your passion and idea. This is significant to motivate you to strike for what you anticipate.
  4. Be brave and have faith, do not hesitate to take action when you are ready to set off.

“After all, it is better to fail at something you love than succeed at something that you do not care about.” Shared by Viola. Don't you agree with that?