HKBU team adds art installations for more interaction in Hong Kong Palace Museum

The Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM) was officially opened on 2 July 2022. HKBU team led by Professor Jeffrey Shaw, Chair Professor of Academy of Visual Arts, took two years to design five art installations for the HKPM. The HKBU team has transformed poems into a visual representation of the dream for the audience, but from a different “perspective”. Another installation is based on Giuseppe Castiglione's famous painting of One Hundred Horses, which is brought to the HKPM with reference to the real-life appearance of horses. By linking the past with the present through new media, the museum would provide a different experience from that of the Forbidden City in Beijing or Taipei. Through participating in the design of exhibition hall and incorporating multimedia elements, HKBU hopes to create a unique experience in appreciating the cultural relics from Beijing. It also demonstrates how art tech can be applied to increase the enjoyment of traditional cultural relics.


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