Knowledge Transfer Partnership Seed Fund (“KTP Seed Fund")

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is one of the engagement strategies for HKBU academics to commit in signature partnerships with the wider community. It involves collaboration between academics (e.g. professors and researchers), external partners (e.g. associations, NGOs), and the respective community being served.  The collaboration projects enable the transfer of knowledge and research from HKBU to the community, empowering not only the external partners but also individual participants of the projects. The ultimate goal is to achieve far-reaching and significant research impact in the community.


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With the establishment of the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO), HKBU hopes to encourage more academics to get involved in community engagement projects or events in various ways. KTO strives to initiate projects, facilitate different levels of knowledge transfer, and assist in the administrative duties assigned by the project leader. A Knowledge Transfer Partnership Seed Fund has also been set up to support academics to undertake KT Partnership in different disciplines.


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Knowledge Transfer Partnership Seed Fund

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Seed Fund has been set up by Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) since 2010 to support proactive and collaborative projects that transfer good ideas, skill, know-how, and research findings to external partners including associations and NGOs.

The aims of the KTP Seed Fund are as follows:

  • To support academics to undertake KT partnerships with external partners to extend their research impacts;
  • To nurture KT culture on campus;
  • To encourage pump-prime projects with the potential to attract funding; and
  • To raise the profile of KT initiatives and demonstrate tangible benefits to the academics and to a wider community.



KT Partnership Project Application

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Seed Fund is currently providing funding support to KTP projects on a competitive basis. A crucial tool in ensuring good practice of quality assurance and reflection in the planning and execution of KTP projects is the criterion-based assessment rubrics.  Both holistic and analytical rubrics have been developed by KTO.  These rubrics will provide clear guidelines and standards for:

  • Principal Investigators to plan and develop the projects
  • Project officers to work with project leaders to revise proposals before submission
  • KTO to assess the quality of proposals and to provide assessment reports to KTC for funding consideration
  • KTC to evaluate proposals and grant funding
  • Principal Investigators to review and revise their proposals for future consideration



Application Materials

 For application, you will need to read or fill in the following documents:

  1. KTP Seed Fund Application Guidelines
  2. KTP Rubrics
  3. KTP Project Application Form
  4. KTP Declaration of Eligibility Form
  5. KTP Cooperative Agreement Template / Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Template (must be signed in duplicate)

Click here to download the documents;

Click here to apply for the KTP Seed Fund.



KTP Seed Fund Application Flowchart

(Brackets indicate the responsible party)


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KTP Seed Fund Application Flowchart