Matching Proof-of-Concept Fund (MPCF)

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The University is proactive in introducing new funding channels to facilitate knowledge transfer (KT) from academia to industry.  The Matching Proof-of-Concept Fund (MPCF) is established to enhance knowledge transfer, particularly technology transfer, which is endorsed and valued by the University Grant Committee (UGC).  Hong Kong Baptist University is providing additional funding to intellectual property creators at the University to establish proof of concept, identify a development path and an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy for innovative ideas arising from their research. 


MPCF aims to facilitate academic staff to demonstrate the industrial potentials of their inventions and technologies, as well as to undergo proper IPR management for effective knowledge transfer to local and regional industries. 


MPCF operates on a three-dollar-to-one (3:1) cash-matching basis up to the maximum funding cap per project -- HK$200,000 in total per project. 


The application and approval process will be operated in complement with the current invention disclosure process at the University to assist commercialisation of identified inventions and technologies.  Applications are invited from all inventors of protected and protectable IPR at the University, which could lead to possibilities of commercialisation.  Applications without current IPR protection need to be submitted with a Preliminary Disclosure of Invention.




The funding provided may be used for the following purposes:

  1. prototype design and development;
  2. full lab-scale demonstration; and / or
  3. specialised testing, verifying applications, and conducting field studies.



Focus Areas

MPCF will focus on areas that are of key economic benefits to the society and in line with the key research strengths at HKBU.




Applicants must be current full-time UGC-funded academic staff of HKBU and they can hold concurrently no more than 2 projects.



Selection Mechanism and Review Process

Applicants with current IPR-protected inventions and technologies at the University that demonstrate industrial potential and are likely to attract industrial investment are encouraged to apply for MPCF. Applications without IPR protection will also be accepted, subject to evidence that such inventions are IPR protectable and approval of such applications will bring competitive advantages for the commercialisation of the technology.


All MPCF applications will be reviewed and approved by the Knowledge Transfer Committee (KTC). KTC will evaluate each application based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:


  1. Novelty and Technology Merit
    • Novelty, inventiveness and innovation based on sound science;
    • Stage of development of the technology and its applicability for commercialisation;
    • Sound methodology and implementation plan; and
    • Well defined and realistic deliverables.    


  2. Potential for Technology Transfer and Commercialisation
    • Clear potential for commercial exploitation (commercial potential/market needs / route to market); 
    • Market opportunities; and
    • Generation of economics and social benefits to society. 

  3. Intellectual Property Status
    • Intellectual property position, including filed/granted patents, copyrights, software, know-how, etc. that already exist or to be developed and protected during the project. 

  4. Team Expertise and Project Management
    • The capability of the project team;
    • Drive and commitment of the project members; and
    • Presentation of the overall planning of the project that demonstrates the intended work can, in normal circumstances, be completed within the proposed period.



Funding Support

MPCF operates on a three-dollar-to-one (3:1) cash-matching basis up to the maximum funding cap per project -- HK$200,000 in total per project. The application should be supported with evidence of the matching fund, i.e. HK$150,000 to be matched by HK$50,000 from the applicant (Note: The applicant should ensure that their funding source can be used to match the MPCF grants before submission of application. All un-match-able funding will automatically disqualify the pending application. ). Subject to availability of resources, up to 5 MPCF project may be funded for every academic year.



Project Duration

Each MPCF project will typically last no longer than 12 months. The funding application is open in December every year and closed in February in the following year.



Submission of Application

Please download "Guidelines for Matching Proof-of-Concept Fund" and "MPCF Application Form". Applicants are required to submit the completed MPCF Application Form to KTO before the closing date for application.



Announcement of Results

A typical application will take approximately 2 months to process and the result will be announced once available.