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HKBU forum explores next-generation art technologies
Sep 6, 2021
HKBU held the Next-Generation Art Technologies Forum on 31 August, bringing together experts from industry, academia and government to discuss the fusion of science, technology and art, and the opportunities opened up by the new era of Art Tech.
Solutions, Research Advancement, Enterprise, Innovation, Technology Transfer, Technology
HKBU’s AI-enhanced technology adopted by LeaveHomeSafe
Aug 26, 2021
The artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced technology developed by researchers from HKBU has been incorporated into the latest version of LeaveHomeSafe, a contact tracing mobile app launched by the Government.
Research and Impact
A novel approach to learning Hong Kong history using the Historical Geographic Information System (HGIS)
Aug 20, 2021
When the topic of history is brought to the table, some may find it difficult or often hair-raising due to the traditionally tedious forms of teaching and presenting through one-way channels. To address this issue, Dr Kwong Chi-Man, Associate Professor from Department of History at HKBU, has developed an interactive map using the approach of Spatial History (or also known as Historical Geographic Information System, HGIS) wherein secondary schools’ teacher and students learn about the Battle of Hong Kong in 1941, through an interactive map. This innovative project has received HK$1.57 million from the Quality Education Fund and aims to stimulate the student’s interest in learning history.
Research and Impact
Online counselling programs strive for healthy positive future
Jul 7, 2021
Hong Kong is a fast paced and constantly changing city which easily makes people feel stressed and anxious. To help those stressed and anxious people, Dr Pan Jiayan, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Work at HKBU, has launched the REST OLINE program and the CANDO program. These 2 programs aim to help tertiary students with psychological distress and people with mild to moderate depressive symptoms via the online counselling platform, inject positive energy and help them improve their mental health.
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HKBU selected to operate flagship Chinese Medicine Hospital
Jul 7, 2021
HKBU was selected by the Government as the contractor for the service deed of Hong Kong’s first Chinese Medicine Hospital (CMH) which will be located in Tseung Kwan O. Its construction is expected to complete in 2025 with service to commence in the second quarter of the year. HKBU will proactively take forward the planning and preparatory works related to the commencement of service of the CMH immediately in accordance with the service deed, and in line with the Government’s efforts to promote the development of Chinese medicine. 
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Four HKBU inventions shine at Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions
Apr 6, 2021
The fruits of four research projects conducted by Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) research teams shone at the 2021 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, scoring four prizes including a Gold Medal with the Congratulations of Jury, two Gold Medals and a Silver Medal.
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Technology Series (Featured Innovation)
Feb 10, 2021
The "Anti-scratch thin film coating on metal surface" invented by Professor CHEAH Kok Wai, co-founder of Cathay Photonics Limited, is an anti-scratch thin film coated on metal surface in 3D design.
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Healthcare Series (Featured Innovation)
Feb 10, 2021
Aspiring to be a leading, research-led, liberal arts University in Asia, Hong Kong Baptist University is committed to conducting world-leading investigations that extends the frontiers of knowledge, tackles global challenges and benefits the community at home and abroad. 
Contract Research
Feb 10, 2021
HKBU R&D Licensing Ltd. (HKBURDL) fosters stronger links between Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), the private sectors and the Government, and bringing together international partners and experts. HKBURDL is responsible for negotiating and/or authorising research-related contracts with external parties
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Healthcare Series From Diagnosis to Treatment (Neurodegenerative Disease)
Feb 9, 2021
As reported by the World Health Organisation and Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI), every 3 seconds, there is one person diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease (AD).