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Entrepreneur Highlight – Entrepreneurship for Positive Changes — A Gift from Angel Investor Alvin Lam
May 1, 2021
If you had developed a mature company in 17 years which was almost listed on the Main Board in stock market, what would you do next? Who could have imagined Mr Alvin Lam, our BEST Community Industry Fellow, would sell it and turn his head back to start-up again? This is the charisma of Alvin, a digital marketing expert, an entrepreneur, and also an angel investor and venture capitalist for start-ups.
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Entrepreneur Highlight – The Keys to Entrepreneurial Success? Ask Communication Expert Laura Cozijnsen!
Oct 1, 2021
Having effective communication with people is never easy, not to mention starting a communication firm that aspires to bring brands, people and values together. In this issue of Entrepreneur Highlight, we are happy to bring to you our BEST Community Industry Fellow - Ms Laura Cozijnsen. She is going to share with us the various ways we can do to inspire and influence others and how we can build connections through purposeful forms of engagement.
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Entrepreneur Highlight - Viola Lam, More Than Just A Womenpreneur
Sep 1, 2019
Dare to pursue your dream, do not let your fear and worries become a burden for you to fly higher! We are glad to interview one of the successful womenpreneurs in Hong Kong, who is also our BEST Community industry fellow, Viola Lam to share with us her way of Womenpreneurship. Viola is not only an HKBU alumna, but also the CEO and Founder of Find Solution Ai Limited (FSAI). Viola won the Entrepreneur Year 2015/16 of the Youth Business International, the world’s most honorific award for young successful entrepreneurs who make positive contributions to both society and people in over 68 countries.
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Entrepreneur Highlight – Digital Marketing and e-Commerce? Ask Our Star Alumnus Samuel Lam
Dec 1, 2020
The Key to Success? Perseverance! Digital marketing and e-commerce are playing a significantly important role in the business world, especially in the China market nowadays. We are glad to have the guru of the field – Mr. Samuel Lam, Founder & CEO of X Social Group Holdings Limited (“the Company”), also our Industry fellow of BEST Community and HKBU alumnus, to share his start-up journey with us.
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Entrepreneur Highlight – Eric Ng: Think Big, Fail Fast
Jun 1, 2020
With the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry, more and more businesses want a slice of the e-commerce action. But do you know the way to kick-start your e-business? In this highlight, it is our distinct pleasure to have the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Boutir, one of the pioneers of mobile commerce – Mr Eric Ng, to share with us the hottest e-commerce trend and his success story of Boutir. He is also one of our BEST Community industry fellows.
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Entrepreneur Highlight – Sam Sio: Help Your Customers to Help Your Business
Mar 1, 2020
From film cameras to digital cameras, the ways to record memories keep evolving, so is the industry. In this Entrepreneur Highlight, we are delighted to invite one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the photography, creative media and marketing industry – Mr Sam Sio, founder of PhotoGIFT (HK) Limited, Come Know (Asia) Limited and SME Lab, to share his invaluable experience with us.
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Entrepreneur Highlight - Getting Ahead With HKBU Alumnus Thomas Hung
May 1, 2019
Thomas Hung, an entrepreneur who established the Easy Group and contrived the first in the world the innovative moving billboard advertising, moving showroom as well as Hong Kong’s First Bus Restaurant - Crystal Bus. In this interview Thomas takes us through his entrepreneurial journey. He also shares his views on success and his tips to the HKBU students who are looking to start their own business endeavour.
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Entrepreneur Highlight: From Employee to CEO – HKBU Alumnus Mr Mark Siu: “Dare to Think, Dare to Do”
Dec 1, 2020
Mr Mark Siu’s story of establishing a top business has never unfolded like clockwork. After graduating from the Department of Computer Science in HKBU, it took him another four years in the common workplace to steel himself for a genuine start-up. In 2007, he joined his friends to found an enterprise that is now known as ETG Holdings Limited (ETG). Looking back at the tough time as already the CEO of the company, Mark feels glad to have a great team that could always be frank with one another, open-minded with challenges and eager to learn from setbacks. It is through the unyielding faith in a shared goal that the team is able to keep trying, testing, absorbing experience and adjusting accordingly towards success.