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Consultancy, Investigational Work and Professional Practice
Feb 3, 2021
KTO is working together with the Human Resources Office in the administration and support of the HKBU’s OP1 policy for the University staff.
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Knowledge Transfer Partnership Seed Fund (“KTP Seed Fund")
Feb 3, 2021
Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is one of the engagement strategies for HKBU academics to commit in signature partnerships with the wider community. It involves collaboration between academics (e.g. professors and researchers), external partners (e.g. associations, NGOs), and the respective community being served. The collaboration projects enable the transfer of knowledge and research from HKBU to the community, empowering not only the external partners but also individual participants of the projects. The ultimate goal is to achieve far-reaching and significant research impact in the community.
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Research Matching Grant Scheme
Feb 3, 2021
The Government has earmarked $3 billion as government matching grants under the RMGS. The operation period of the Scheme is a period of three years from 1 Aug 2019 to 31 Jul 2022. The RMGS will cover the 8 UGC-funded universities (including their self-financing arms/ units) and 13 local self-financing degree-awarding institutions.
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Strategic Patent Fund
Feb 3, 2021
In order to have a good protection of the IPRs of HKBU inventions within the constraint of limited funding resources of the respective academic unit, SPF has been established with the support of the Innovation and Technology Fund. This funding is available for those top quality first jurisdiction patent filings, which will be strategic if filed in a second or a third jurisdiction. The SPF provides grants of HK$30,000 each towards the costs of filing an approved patent in a second or third jurisdiction. This SPF funding can be used to match the $30,000 funding support from the University in paying for such patent applications.
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Research Impact Support and Enhancement Fund (“RISE Fund")
Feb 3, 2021
The University Grants Committee (UGC) has announced that a new competitive research funding scheme called the Research Impact Fund would be launched in early 2018 on a pilot basis to encourage more impactful research and foster more collaborative efforts with stakeholders beyond academia. A total of $150 million, representing $50 million in each year in the 2016/17-2018/19 triennium, would be available in the first call for proposal.
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Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU)
Feb 3, 2021
HKBU TSSSU aims to bring R&D results from campus to real-world, by encouraging more entrepreneurial activities at the University and facilitating more commercial development of HKBU’s intellectual property rights (IPR) and technology developed at the University. It is a "company start-up" scheme designed to encourage spin-off companies to commercialise the IPR and technologies developed at HKBU.
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Matching Proof-of-Concept Fund (MPCF)
Feb 3, 2021
The University is proactive in introducing new funding channels to facilitate knowledge transfer (KT) from academia to industry. The Matching Proof-of- Concept Fund (MPCF) is established to enhance knowledge transfer, particularly technology transfer, which is endorsed and valued by the University Grant Committee (UGC). Hong Kong Baptist University is providing additional funding to intellectual property creators at the University to establish proof of concept, identify a development path and an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy for innovative ideas arising from their research.
Research and Impact
Zan Baak Fo: Exploring the Value of Art
Feb 9, 2021
Art is held in high regard in our culture, but an item’s worth is often measured by its monetary value. Renowned ceramic artist Ms Annie Wan Lai- kuen, Assistant Professor of the Academy of Visual Arts at HKBU, tried to break the norm through her interactive exhibition, Zan Baak Fo, with ceramic items portraying daily commodities displayed alongside real merchandise on the shelves of a grocery store.
Ultra-hard ArmoGlass Protects Screens 1 860x940
Research and Impact
Ultra-hard ArmoGlass Protects Screens
Feb 9, 2021
Screens of electronic portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are prone to scratches, cracks and even breakage. ArmoGlass, invented by Professor Cheah Kok-wai, Associate Head and Chair Professor of the Department of Physics, is an ultra-hard, non-fragile and scratch-resistant material considered to be the best screen protector.
Research and Impact
Social Inclusion via Gymnastics
Feb 9, 2021
Unified sports brings people with and without intellectual disabilities (ID) together on the same team. It is considered a good way to break down stereotypes about persons with intellectual disability. Prof Cheung Siu-yin of the Department of Sport, Physical Education and Health at HKBU invented a new sport that suits people with different physical conditions known as “unified Gymnastics for All (GFA)” to promote social inclusion.