Technology Series (Featured Innovation)

Anti-Scratch Thin Film Coating for Luxury Products

The "Anti-scratch thin film coating on metal surface" invented by Professor CHEAH Kok Wai, co-founder of Cathay Photonics Limited, is an anti-scratch thin film coated on metal surface in 3D design. The invention is value-added to the metal-based products e.g. watch case & strap as it increases the surface's wear resistance without sacrificing their original appearance. This invention won the Gold Medal with the Congratulations of Jury in the Special Edition 2021 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days.


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Diagnosis of Internal Combustion Engine Performance

Professor Jeffrey Cheung has developed a program that provides a quick, simple and low-cost method to evaluate the performance and condition of an internal combustion engine and determine whether maintenance is needed.


The evaluation is easy to perform, which is just placing a small measuring device embedded with an accelerometer (such as a smartphone) at the "sweet spot" of the vehicle where allows the vibration measurement without excessive noise. The three-axis accelerometer of the device will measure the vibration magnitude of the vehicle and collect data (It's like feeling the "pulse" of a vehicle).


The collected data will be sent to the developed program for analysis and compared with the data in the database. The engine's status and performance can be evaluated.