Contract Research

HKBU R&D Licensing Ltd. (HKBURDL) fosters stronger links between Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), the private sectors and the Government, and bringing together international partners and experts. HKBURDL is responsible for negotiating and/or authorising research-related contracts with external parties.


  • A research contract is a legally binding agreement that sets out the rights and obligations of the parties concerned.
  • Research projects are generally financed by the clients including other universities, companies, government departments and agencies, charities and individuals.
  • All research contracts should be made with Hong Kong Baptist University, and only the VPRD/Provost/PVC may authorise staff to sign legally binding documents on its behalf.
  • Research applications, grants and/or contracts may not be valid if they were not signed by an authorised signatory.

As HKBU is a publicly funded university, staff members should avoid any routine works that can be done by commercial or industrial firms in the private sector. Before being engaged in contract research, HKBU staff members should be able to defend their involvements not causing unfair competition by considering the level of expertise, knowledge, independence and the public benefit. 

However, this may not apply to projects hosted in HKBU’s subsidiary companies or entities that are self-funded.